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Watering The Right Seeds: Keep Growing w/ Kele Carter

The Evolution Effect Series with Co-Author Kele Carter

Book Title -The Evolution Effect: Stories of Breaking Patterns, Overcoming Adversities, and Stepping Into Greatness

Chapter Title – Watering The Right Seeds: Keep Growing

Kele Carter, is an entrepreneur from Tampa Florida, but she grew up all over the United States. She is pursuing her bachelor’s degree so that she may one day attend medical school. She owns and operates three businesses, but she is mostly involved in her digital marketing agency. She helps people who are looking for ways to monetize their skills and turn their passions into profitable businesses. Her driving motivation in every project she undertakes is to help people. She believes in cooperation over competition and that by building people up she is building herself up. By the end of this year, she will be twenty-four and earning six figures. Follow Kele and watch her unapologetically live her best life.

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