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Warrior’s Paradigm: Turning Brokenness Into Your Beauty


Have you felt alone, as if no one understands your pain or struggles? Have you ever felt stuck like your past has complete control? Have you faced traumas and challenges and have no clue to overcome? A Warrior’s Paradigm is the book for you. Warrior’s Paradigm was written by Chanel to take readers on her journey of transformation and life from her perspective from attempted suicide and domestic violence to becoming the CEO of her own company. For readers to understand past experiences do not have to define your future success. Warrior’s Paradigm will empower you to align with self-acceptance and self-love while encouraging you to start your own journey of healing and transformation. Blame Game – Taking ownership and forgiveness Family Ties- Our childhood and environment shape us Beautifully Shattered – Loving the skin you are in and accepting your flaws Deception – Trusting after you have been deceived and misled