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Stephanie McCandless, Lindsey Vertner


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Carlton Epic, Charletta Denise, Corey Hackett, Darling Moore, Dayna Marie, Dr. JoWanda Rollins-Fells, Garon Johnson, Helynn Boughner, Jayla Buie, Kelon Miller, Kristle Renee Baylor-Johnson, Latika Vines, Lyriah Myers, Marlene McKenzie-Jarrett, Mugzy McFly, Noreen N. Henry, Roz Miller-Choice, Sharon Nisbett, Vernae Taylor, Yvonne Brown

Employee to Empire


Employee to Empire: 7 Foundational Steps To Be A Dynamic and FearLESS Business Owner is a step-by-step guide designed to turn you in to a business powerhouse. Filled with unique information, Employee to Empire is a total fundamental shift in your mindset.

Learn and develop techniques like:

  • Identifying your gifts and talents
  • Transforming yourself into a CEO
  • Developing the proper structure your company needs

And so much more. The only thing holding you back….is you. Take control of your future today with Employee to Empire.