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No Makeup w/ Charletta Denise

No Makeup w/ Charletta Denise

Charletta Sanders, born and raised in Johnston County, is a Motivational Speaker, Event Planner, Speaker, Writer, and Mentor. She is a Wife and a Mother of 7 (4 boys, 3 girls). She grew up dealing with trials that birthed a testimony. This testimony comes from being a single mom to a married mom with severe trauma, with no covering. This testimony became a ministry. Charletta is the founder of Cover My Sisters, a women’s ministry dedicated to covering and healing women dealing with brokenness, through love and mentorship. Above all, she loves God and reaching both men and women to help make those broken, whole. Charletta has spoken to young girls, hosted conferences and workshops. Has deliver empowering speeches at churches and events. Her business Cover My Sister services include Planning and Hosting Events, Seminars, Workshops, and Sessions. Providing Resources, Informal Counseling, Support and Mentoring to Women, as well as men and Youth. Women’s Ministry that seeks to encourage and uplift our sisters. We tell the truth to LIVE our truth, and to be who we are in CHRIST. We speak, we travel, we laugh, but above all, we HEAL and Cover Our Sisters!


Chanel Spencer is a New York City native. Chanel empowers women to bring their wildest dreams into fruition by walking alongside them from birth, branding, and development of business strategies to ensure long-term success. She is a firm believer in building one’s own table instead of fighting for a seat at someone else’s. Chanel is an 6x Best-Selling and 14x Author, Speaker, and CEO of Maximum Evolution. The creator of ME Publishing, host of Evolv Podcast, Manager of her children’s brand TJplayword. Her latest book projects are “Warrior’s Paradigm,” “The Evolution Effect,” and “Our Truth Is Not A Lie.”

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