Maximum Evolution

Margaret G.

Margaret G.

Margaret was born in England and currently resides in New York.  She is a Senior  Accountant in New York City and an entrepreneur.  She is also her family’s event and vacation coordinator.  She describes herself as a strong, black, intelligent, woman… and we can’t agree more! 


She has worked hard to carve out a place for herself in the corporate world. She knows her worth and recognizes the value of what she brings to the table. She graduated from Hunter College with her bachelor’s degree in Accounting.  This was her first step in making her way to the conference room table, and one of the steps she is most grateful for!  Although she is an accomplished woman in the business world, she is the proudest of the job she has done at home with her three children. 


Favorite Vacation Destination – Jamaica

Favorite Celebrity- Idris Elba

Favorite Role Model- Her mother, Bernice Henry

Favorite Hobby- Relaxing 

One accessory she can’t live without (besides her Taylor Danielle Lip gloss) is hair bundles. 

Maximum Beauty

Margaret’s favorite shades of lip gloss from the Taylor Danielle line is Kitten Pink.  

She is modeling Red She Said matte liquid lipstick.


None of us are ever done evolving and Margaret still has her sights set on some pretty big goals. She hopes to be debt free soon, even more successful in the business world which will enable her to help more people, and to expand her portfolios with the purchase of new properties. In five years, she hopes to be retired from her daily grind and continuing her world domination in the entrepreneur world. 

What If’s 

Her ideal of a dream vacation is St. Bart’s. If she could have any superpower it would be healing so she could help people physically and mentally. If she could go on a shopping spree anywhere it would be the BMW showroom. 

When we asked her what her biggest fear was, “Not being the person God wants me to be.”  Margaret, we know you… and that could NEVER happen…