Maximum Evolution

Love Changed Me w/ Sheldine Gordon

The Evolution Effect Series with Co-Author Sheldine Gordon

Book Title -The Evolution Effect: Stories of Breaking Patterns, Overcoming Adversities, and Stepping Into Greatness

Chapter Title – Love Changed Me

Sheldine Gordon is a very humble woman, a woman of God, and an overcomer of many circumstances. She was born in the beautiful country of Guyana, the land of many waters located on the South Eastern shores of South America. In her late teens, she migrated to the Island of Trinidad and Tobago. There, she worked in the gaming industry, found love, married, and started a family. Sadly, her marriage ended in the sixth year in divorce, but she continued to pursue to push herself and her career. She moved on to the co-operate world where she started out in the call center and a few years after, was soon promoted in the collections department as a supervisor. All the while, being determined to provide and manage for herself and two children. Life and love blossomed and she has married again, after which she migrated to the United States of America in the year 2017, along with her children, to join her second husband. Life in the new country and city was very different at first, in terms of the weather and change of lifestyles, but was able to positively adapt each day to the changes.

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