Maximum Evolution

Hitting The Stop Button On Spiritual Abuse w/ Mercy Myles-Jenkins

The Evolution Effect Series with Co-Author Mercy Myles-Jenkins

Book Title -The Evolution Effect: Stories of Breaking Patterns, Overcoming Adversities, and Stepping Into Greatness

Chapter Title – Hitting The Stop Button On Spiritual Abuse

Mercy Myles-Jenkins was born and raised in London, England, with Ghanaian heritage. She currently resides in Massachusetts with her family. She graduated at the University of East London with a BA Hons in Social Science & Social Work and has worked in Human Services for 30 years. Mercy began her entrepreneurial journey in 2017. She took a step of faith after realizing that her skills of business development, client transformations, and staff development enabled her to cause her employer to far exceed their company goals for several years in the workforce development arena.Mercy is an ordained pastor of Christ Church International Springfield, an apostolic-prophetic church. Mercy has written 5 books on overcoming Spiritual Abuse (aka Church Hurt) and believes that ‘Spiritual Health is Mental Health’ and encourages the church to support this forgotten group. Mercy became a certified Life Coach to pursue her passion for empowering women that have experienced Spiritual Abuse.

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