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Growth & Transformation w/ Jojo Clarke

JoJo Clarke was born in Jamaica, raised in New York City, and now currently resides in Connecticut. JoJo is an Author & Operating Room Assistant. She is a college graduate and is currently attending school to attain a degree in Health Psychology. Her goal is to have a career where it doesn’t feel like work. As of 2020, she became a published author by contributing to the collaborative book project, “Our Truth Is Not A Lie.” She is currently on a mission to find her passion and have a massive impact in the medical field. Jojo is ready for her “Yes, this is it.” moment. Here at Maximum Evolution’s EVOLV, we affirm it is coming and you will achieve every goal you have set. An accomplishment she is most proud of is owning properties and generating an additional stream of income. She gives all gratitude and honor to her parents. She states, “Without them, I am nothing.”

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