Maximum Evolution

Evolution Of Pain w/ Lindsey Vertner

The Evolution Effect Series with Co-Author Lindsey Vertner

Book Title -The Evolution Effect: Stories of Breaking Patterns, Overcoming Adversities, and Stepping Into Greatness

Lindsey Vertner Chapter Title – Evolution Of Pain

Lindsey Vertner, In 2007, a “fatal” car wreck had multiple medics pronouncing Lindsey brain dead and paralyzed. Battling to live, Lindsey acquired a rare outlook on life that guides her work as an award-winning peak potential strategist, transformational speaker, and 2x Amazon #1 best-selling author. Founder of Lindsey Vertner, LLC, she’s devoted to teaching millennial moms and start-up entrepreneurs how to master their mindset. Her mission is to teach women around the world how to create their First Class Life™ full of purpose, fulfillment, and happiness. Lindsey is the co-founder of The Unleashed Woman.

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