Maximum Evolution

Chanel Spencer is an innovative entrepreneur and CEO of Maximum Evolution, specializing in branding, executive coaching, and business development. Spencer is also 6x best-selling author, creator of ME Publishing, and works with aspiring authors from all over the world walking them through the entire writing process from idea development to launching their finished product into the world.

Chanel has two small children that motivate her to make the world a better place which has fueled her passion to give back to her community; donating her time, services, and products to survivors of domestic abuse and high risk youth.

Chanel is a tenacious force who worked her way up from an accounting clerk all the way to general manager of a major hotel in NYC. Along the way she has overcome every kind of obstacle you can imagine; she uses her wisdom to help businesses and professionals bypass potential threats by identifying and strengthening their weak areas while expanding on their strengths.

After successfully achieving her professional goals in the hospitality industry, Chanel walked away from her career to focus on Maximum Evolution full-time. Since then she has developed multiple products, written eight best-selling books (including two children’s books), worked with numerous authors, created a publishing company, and works as an executive coach. She credits her achievements to her long-time work on personal and professional development which has equipped her to walk anyone through their business or personal issues.

Chanel is passionate about marketing and is a mastermind at brand development. She has the ability to transform an idea into a message and build a platform around it; strategically using social media to launch her clients idea into a stream of revenue creating a path to the life of their dreams.

Chanel is based out of NYC but with the help of technology she is able to work with clients all over the world.