Maximum Evolution

Brittany H.

Brittany H.

Brittany was born and raised in New York. She is a college graduate and currently working on her dream goal of becoming a pediatric doctor. She is an aspiring entrepreneur. She will have her own line of customized hair pins and macaron pastries.  Brittany is also an author. She has one completed children’s book ready to be published.  As she navigates through life, she continues to beat all odds while remaining humble.


She has worked hard to carve out a place for herself in this world. She sometimes struggles with life’s obstacles, fear, self-doubt but continues to dream big. She accomplished a goal that seemed far-fetched by graduating College. This was her first step in making her biggest dream goal come to fruition, becoming a doctor. As she continues working on her ventures, she will also be a co-host on an upcoming series Evolv-U. She is developing skills in graphic and digital design. Brittany is continually looking ways to expand her horizons and breakdown barriers. Through it all she is that girl staying motivated, ambitious, and ready to bulldoze through anything that tries to hinder her greatness. 


Favorite Vacation Destination – Jamaica

Favorite Celebrity- Drake

Favorite Role Model- Herself

Favorite Hobby- Dancing

One accessory she can’t live without (besides her Taylor Danielle Lip gloss) is Vaseline. 

Maximum Beauty

Brittany’s favorite shades of lip gloss from the Taylor Danielle line is Twinkle. 

She is modeling Twinkle matte liquid lipstick.


None of us are ever done evolving and Brittany still has her sights set on some pretty big goals. She hopes to become a Doctor, open her very own medical practice, and launch her hair pin, dance studio, and macaron business. In five years, she would see herself as a successful businesswoman with her thriving ventures, be married and with child, and traveling. 

What If’s 

Her idea of a dream vacation is Greece. If she could have any superpower it would be Teleportation so she could go anywhere without any hassle. She would have all the clothes and shoes because she would steal them all…lol.  If she could go on a shopping spree anywhere it would be PrettyLittleThing. 

When we asked her who she is, “I am a black girl trying to make it in a world that isn’t suitable for me to do so.”   

Brittany, we know understand your struggle… continue persevering and being the amazing, strong woman you are, you will overcome all adversities.