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Brianna R.

Brianna R.

Brianna was born and raised in New York. She is currently a senior in high school preparing for graduation in 2020.  She is currently working at Coldstone while being a full-time student. She is a Rockstar.  Brianna is phenomenal athlete and was on the High Honor Roll at school. She runs track, is a gymnast. She enjoys working out, shopping, watching movies, attending nice events and traveling with the ones she loves.   What makes her beautiful, who she is on the inside, her goals, her self-confidence, character, and personality.


Brianna has left her mark in the world already.  As mentioned earlier, Brianna is a phenomenal athlete.  In her track career, she has qualified for the winter track state championships last winter. She was the fastest for the 55 in Dutchess County and holds the 4×1 relay record for track for her high school.  Gymnastics, she is a State Champion, Regional Qualifier, and has over 100 medals and several trophies. THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!!!!!!


Favorite Vacation Destination – Turks and Caicos 

Favorite Celebrity- Ryan Destiny

Favorite Role Model- Her parents

Favorite Hobby- Working Out

One accessory she can’t live without (besides her Taylor Danielle Lip gloss) is her Chapstick and her phone.

Maximum Beauty

Brianna’s favorite shades of lip gloss from the Taylor Danielle line is Twinkle. 

She is modeling Gossamer matte liquid lipstick.


None of us are ever done evolving and Briana still has her sights set on her future. She will be moving into her next chapter in life, graduating high school and moving on to college. Brianna has been accepted into Morgan State, Virginia State, and Bowie State, didn’t we say this GIRL IS ON FIRE!!! Her area of will be Social Work. In five years, she would see herself being a College graduate, in the career of her dreams. She is taking life one step at a time and following the path lead by God. 

What If’s 

Her idea of a dream vacation is France, to see the Eifel Tower in Paris. If she could have any superpower it would be Time Travel so she could be anywhere at any time. If she could go on a shopping spree anywhere it would be Fashion Nova. 

When we asked her who she is, “I am a sweet loving person who cares for others. I work very hard for what I want in life.” 

Brianna, we here at Maximum Evolution, we are super proud of all that she has achieved and know this is only the beginning for you.  Keep reaching for the stars!!!