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35: Behind The Highlight Reels w/ Therisa Means

Behind The Highlight Reels w/ Therisa Means

Life knocks us all down, but Therisa M. is here to help transition your mind and provoke you to harness the strength that comes through the turmoil. She has an incredible story of enduring unbelievable trials and overcoming impossible circumstances. Through her journey, she discovered God’s grace, realized her authority, unlocked the power of a transitioned & renewed mindset & learned to apply it to business, relationships, and life in general. She has become an aficionado of mindset management, entrepreneurship, and overcoming obstacles and uses her education, research, and life experiences to captivate audiences by creating an open and transparent environment. She promotes personal development, self-love, overall integrity, empowerment, and purpose in all her works. Therisa connects with entrepreneurs and individuals of all ages and cultures to share these learned principles, enhance abilities to create engaging productive environments, and manifest the circumstances in life and business that God purposed.

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