Maximum Evolution

12 Years To My Exhale w/ Yvonne Brown

The Evolution Effect Series with Co-Author Yvonne Brown

Book Title -The Evolution Effect: Stories of Breaking Patterns, Overcoming Adversities, and Stepping Into Greatness

Chapter Title – 12 Years To My Exhale

Yvonne Brown, a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is making her mark as a Women Empowerment Coach. She is driven by a desire to help women to soar beyond their past and to become the best version of themselves. As a project manager for over ten years. Because positive affirmations played a significant role in her personal journey, Yvonne shares messages of empowerment as CEO ofMyndful Tees Boutique, a t-shirt line of affirming words, encouraging women to believe that they are loved, deserve happiness, and are enough. She also offers courses to support women in reaching their goals through the Affirm & Pursue Academy, focusing on self-love, money matters, and the pursuit of purpose.

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