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Love, Mama


In  Love Mama, Chanel gives us a look into her journey of breaking cycles  and busting down barriers so she can leave a legacy that will impact  generations to come. Chanel shares the story of the inspiration she  found in her grandmother that instilled within her the courage to to  rise up when the entire world was trying to push her down.  Again, Chanel empowers us through the way she opens herself, sharing her  struggles and victories, confirming her as the voice for women breaking  stereotypes.

Brand New Me


In Brand New Me, Chanel courageously shares her triumphant journey  to wholeness after escaping an abusive relationship where she found  herself in fear for her life. Have you ever felt unworthy and hopeless?   At one time, Chanel too felt unworthy of love and battled with severe  depression but after gaining the tools needed, Chanel learned how to  heal from her past traumas and has been able to deliver a powerful  transformational message to those still trapped in abusive  relationships. Today, Chanel knows that she is enough and is worthy of  love….

M. E. Transformation Class


This life changing 6 Week Class will launch you into freedom and  wholeness by empowering you with the tools that you need to let go of  and heal from your past. Maximum Evolution Group Transformation 6 Week Class  includes weekly teachings & discussions led by Chanel Spencer, an interactive journal, & lifetime access to Maximum Evolution's Private Facebook Group. You will learn how to take a personal inventory, let go of your past hurts, how to identify and avoid potential triggers, and how to move forward building the life of your dreams, one step at a time.

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About Chanel

As  a mother  of two small children, I have had to work hard to juggle all  aspects  of my life personally, professional and in business to grow into  the  powerful woman that I am today.  

I  began  my career as an Accounting Clerk at the age 15 and worked way up  to  Regional Accounting Manager before changing the direction of my  career  into Operations management. 

I  started in  Hospitality Industry as a Guest Service Agent eight years  ago and I  worked through two development programs which enabled me  to be promoted  all the way General Manager. 

I   take professional and personal development very seriously, by  continually looking for new ways to grow myself and my career and while   picking up tools to help you grow the individual and business.

I am often chosen to lead and/or be a part of task force projects for  new  hotel acquisitions or properties that have found themselves with   operational challenges. During task force projects I was aligned with  my  true passion which is helping businesses and people function is  their  maximum capacity, continually evolving and moving forward. 

With   over eight years of service industry and fifteen years of financial   experience coupled with my altruistic passionate work ethic, I have   created a brand designed to help professionals and businesses reach   their maximum potential.